Live this place! Great atmosphere and very good beer!
Friendly and welcoming staff, great atmosphere and excellent beers! Definitely one of my new favorite places.
Great atmosphere and beer. Well done Sacred Waters!
Hospitality and plenty of space
This place is off to a good start! A week and a day open, we were impressed how busy it was on Thanksgiving weekend. The decor is inviting and not sparse. Happened to sit next to the dedication photos and history that spun the dream. The logo and Montana style is a hit. Brought beer enthusiasts from Seattle with us and they loved it too. Coming from Bigfork, the location is easy too. We will be back and bringing the grunt for a refill.
Beer, Service and Atmosphere was amazing!!
I pushed open the big wooden door, crossed the threshold, took a few steps in and stopped. There I stood, exploring the space with my eyes, taking it all in. Looking down at the green stained concret floor, its symbolism not lost on me, I came to realize that I had walked into something very special and on a personal level. As Montanans, we hold the state's many natural resources near and dear to our hearts. Its beauty and varity of outdoor activities is why the majority of us moved here and why we will never leave. Topping that list, for many of its residents, is the love of fly fishing and of our pristine rivers and streams that we float and wade that make the art form possible. This land and these waters that run through it are very special to us, for many they are sacred. These waters are one of natures poems and while whiling away the hours on them it often becomes unclear if landing a trout is even the point. What is clear is what's important to the owners of Sacred Waters Brewing. They have created a space that incorporates both their love of fly fishing, the waters that it's done on (specifically, the South Fork of the Flathead), and obviously craft beer. Looking around, you see that you are surrounded by warmth, which is accomplished through the use of earth tones and wood...lots of wood. Light and medium colored wood encases the cooler and serves as a mounting surface for the tap handles that are made of cork fly rod handles. There are rich, dark, wooden four-tops all around and two communal tables that can each seat a whopping 12 guests. Wooden support beams holding up wooden rafters. Dark, horizontal, wooden planks that supports a unique, tobacco colored, bar top that ingenuously incorporates a blue vein in it that runs the entire length of the bar symbolizing the South Fork River and its tributaries. Above the bar hang lights whose filaments emit a soothing amber glow that remind me of the old tubes in radios that would mesmerize me as a child. Even the flight glass holders are distinctive. The brainchild of it's proprietor, Jordan Van Eimeren, they are a clever reproduction of a fly reel. Nice touch, Jordan! Of course, being a fly fishing themed craft brewery, fly fishing gear, photographs of fish, fishing, and of the South Fork/Spotted Bear River area are always within sight. Put this all in one space with its awesome owners, fantastic knowlegable staff, delicious craft beer, and you have a very comfortable, welcoming, and inviting environment that has an unmistakably Montana feel to it. All in all, it's pretty damned perfect.
Was part of their opening the other night. Beautiful place and great beer & food
Everything about this brewery is great! The beer is very well done and the staff is very friendly! Also, the tap room is amazing because so much attention to detail was considered. Well done!
Good selection. Good service. Beautiful drywall and paint!!
Great facility, awesome products, and tremendous people. I love this place!